IEEE 1275-1994

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After 5 years the IEEE 1275-1994 standard got withdrawn by the IEEE Standards Association. This does by no means implicate that this standard is abandoned or dead. There are several commercial implementations of Open Firmware and a quite reasonable number of hardware vendors support it. IEEE sold the rights to distribute the standards document to Global Engineering who still offer it.

To Contact Global Engineering, use Phone: 1-800-854-7179, Fax: 303-397-2740. Out side the U.S. call 303-792-2181. You can also purchase the IEEE 1275-1994 document online from the Global Engineering website.

To get started with Open Firmware, download the IEEE 1275-1994, Standard for Boot (Initialization Configuration) Firmware Core Requirements and Practices. You can get the document from our local mirror or from the IEEE 1275-1994 ftp archive at

For more information on IEEE 1275 Open Firmware, we recommend you browse the IEEE Standard 1275 Working Group's Home Page.

No Standard without mistakes - This Errata document contains corrections of mistakes and clarifications of the IEEE 1275-1994 standard (Draft #4).

The Open Firmware standard is the elementary base of OpenBIOS. Any questions are welcome, please contact Stefan Reinauer or the OpenBIOS Mailinglist.